Archeland Reroll Guide – Best Characters (March 2023)

Archeland, an upcoming tactical RPG, has plenty of unique characters and an exciting story. Find out how to get the strongest characters using our Archeland Reroll Guide!

Archeland is an upcoming RPG that takes place in an Anime world. In Archeland, there are a variety of characters and you need to build your game with the help of these characters. This tactical game is getting ready for its launch soon from the developers Zlong Games. Here we will discuss the Archeland Reroll Guide, Tier List, and the best Characters to use.

The gameplay and storyline of Archeland increased the expectations among the fans. You play the role of Avia, the princess who’s on a mission to fight against the enemies who have annihilated her family. In this new chapter, Avia dons the role of Pharos in disguise. Archeland has only a limited bunch of characters and you need to pull the best ones for the battles. Here’s all about the Archeland Reroll Guide and Powerful Heroes to use for Combat.

Archeland Reroll Guide

Reroll is mandatory for all RPG and Gacha games. The Reroll pull helps you to summon the top Tier character before you start playing the game. Here’s how you can perform Reroll for Archeland easily.

  • Download Archeland from Play Store or the Website
  • Launch Archeland
  • Log In as a guest user
  • Complete all the tutorials and prologue for Archeland
  • Pull your favorite SSR character for Archeland and start playing the game

This is how you complete the Reroll process for Archeland. If you fail to summon your favorite or best character for Archeland, delete all the game data, sign out or uninstall. Then repeat the entire process once again till you pull your favorite Archeland character.

After pulling your desired character for Archeland, then finally you can bind and link your account, and start playing the game.

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Best Characters in Archeland


Claphare is a top-tier character from Archeland, the light element character Claphare uses Sacred Orb as her weapon during the battles. Claphare comes from the Priest class. Claphare is a good range player. Claphare has excellent HP and can deal buff to its allies for 30 seconds using the Healing Blessing skill. Claphare grants buff for 3 rounds with the help of the Blessing of Protection skill. Overall Claphare is a powerful tank to use and you can include Claphare for any team combination.


Catherine is a powerful SSR tank. Catherine deals explosive damage with her instrument weapon. The Mage class Catherine unleashes Darkness elemental burst. Catherine deals magical damage with her Curse of Death skill. Catherine is stronger with her Debuff and ATK for range. Catherine uses her passive skills to reduce the MDEF of her foes. Catherine is another best and most powerful characters that you need to prioritize for your Combat in Archeland.

Alicia IV

Alicia IV is a Darkness element character. The Priest class Alicia IV boasts high HP. Alicia IV uses Wand Weapon. The girl is also capable of providing buff for a long time to her allies. Alicia provides huge healing points to her allies. Alicia is resistant against other enemies due to her Darkness element, which is also her bonus skill. Alicia can remove debuffs and is a good defensive tank.

alicia iv Archeland Reroll Guide
Alicia IV


Avia is a powerful ATK unit, her HP is also very high. The only weakness for Light element Avia is her average Def stats. Avia unleashes a Passive Skill called Meditation, this will boost her Magical ATK and Magical DEF whenever her health is over 90%. Avia, the priest class girl has another magical skill, her Divine Light skill deals magical damage and this helps her to deal x1.25 DMG. Avia will be an incredible healing tank, with every upgrade, you can bring out the best version of Avia in Archeland.


The Fire Mage is an intimidating tank. His ATK stats are excellent. Atum deals AoE damage and uses Staff as his weapon. Atum has a couple of Passive Skills. Sunset Flame increases his HP and MATK, Sunshine Flame provides 15% damage resistance. Atum is one of the best AoE tanks from Archeland, you can fit Atum into any team composition. Atum can be a great addition to PvP battles. Atum is vulnerable to Water elements, so you have to upgrade his DMG every time. Atum is a powerful character, his only weakness is his inability to deal massive DMG.


The Water Warrior Charlotte boats incredible DMG stats. She deals massive damage which is double the amount of her counterparts. Her Passive Skills provide a huge DMG boost, you can pick Charlotte just for her DMG stats. No wonder Charlotte is a Top Tier tank, all credit to her DMG and HP. Charlotte comes out with a Sword that can slash any type of enemy from Archeland.


Sieghard is a mighty warrior. The best SSR from Archeland slashes his enemies with a Greatsword. The Fire element Sieghard is known for his buff and debuff skills. Sieghard transforms his buff into debuff on his enemies. Sieghard should be your best pull for Reroll in Archeland. The Sieghard passive ability provided self-healing. Sieghard is the best pick for both PvE and PvP on Archeland.


The Assassin Michael with her Longspear weapon will be your best choice for PvE. Her Divine Spear ability deals x1.5 DMG  for single-target. Michael has great mobility which allows her to move like lightning even after receiving huge damage. Michael is a great tank without the help of UE. Michael’s Passive Skill turns her debuff into buff. Michael provides a buff to her allies for every round.


The Mage Lina is a top-tier tank in Archeland. Lina uses Instrument weapons and deals with Magical DMG using Blizzard skills. The Mage Girl is too good for anyone. You can deploy her Passive skills that debuff her foes and also reduce their MDEF to 50%. Lina uses a spell for mobility and provides DMG buff to her allies for each turn. Lina excels with her HP and ATK, her DMG is decent to good. You can unlock a beast version of Lina after upgrading her DMG skills.

Lina Archeland Reroll Guide


The Assassin girl is another top-tier tank. Clarice and her Dagger make an amazing combo. The Fire element girl is only vulnerable to Water elements. Clarice has high HP and Physical ATK. Her Def is good, but upgrade her Def stats even more to make Clarice one of the best tanks for both PvE and PvP battles. Clarice is a good range tank. Clarice deals damage in AoE and short targets. Clarice has a dodge skill that allows her to receive massive damage without getting affected. Her Fire Hound passive ability boosts your DMG by 20%, but only when you deploy Ignore. The Fire element Clarice is a powerful tank, all thanks to her different Passive abilities and skills.

That’s everything you need to know about Archeland Reroll Guide and Best Characters along with the Tier List. Archeland is out for South Korean regions and other countries. The global version of Archeland is expected to be out soon. You can expect more Archeland character updates in the upcoming days from the team of Zlong Games.

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