Battle Cats x Street Fighter Tier List (March 2023)

If you are looking for the most powerful cats along with the Battle Cats x Street Fighter Tier List, check it out here along with the best Cats in the game.

The Battle Cats is a mobile-based tower defense game from Ponos Corporation. Very recently Battle Cats has joined hands with another famous fighting game, the game is Street Fighter V. Through this collaboration, Battle Cats has incorporated some of the powerful characters from Street Fighter for the players to employ. This Collab between The Battle Cats x Street Fighter Collab event will happen till Dec 12, 2022. 

Some of the incredible characters from Street Fighter can be used for your cats in Battle Cats. You can acquire the Street Fighter characters as a collectible unit.  To get access to the Street Fighter characters, players of Battle Cats must have the latest version of the game, if you haven’t updated the game yet, do it now. You can acquire some of the famous Red and Blue team characters from Street Fighter for Battle Cats now. Here’s the latest Battle Cats Street Fighter Tier List and the best characters to use from Battle Cats.

Battle Cats Street Fighter Tier List
Battle Cats x Street Fighter

Battle Cats Street Fighter Tier List

Here is an Overview of Battle Cats Tier List.

S Tier – S Tier Cats from Battle Cats are the best set of characters
A Tier – A Tier Cats are powerful units in Battle Cats, A Tier comes next to S Tier
B Tier – B Tier Cats in Battle Cats have decent to good stats, you can pick them for easy combat
C Tier – C Tier Cats are average in Battle Cats, you need to upgrade their stats to use them
D Tier – D Tier Cats are the weakest troops in Battle Cats, you can just ignore them

SRyu, Sakura, Guile, Blanka, Alphrodite, Ganesha
ALuke, Chun Li , Gao, Windy, Akira
BDhalsim, Balrog , Thundia, Kai, Sentinels, Gothic, Mitama
CIce Cat, Kamukura, Raiden, Yuki
DGeneral Morden, Yoshimoto, Jupiter King, Mobius

Battle Cats – Best Characters

Here are the best and most powerful cats from Battle Cats. Go with these cats as your characters for all the battles in Battle Cats.


The Eternal Queen Reika is a powerful DPS tank. Reika belongs to the uber class. Her DPS is almost 4,000 on average. Reika excels against Aliens and Zombies. Reika cat also boasts Zombie Killer skills that make her one of the most formidable cats in Battle Cats. Reika should be your top pick and prioritize the cat among the other cats for all the challenging battles. Reika gets better with every upgrade in Battle Cats.



The Chronos is an almighty Titan and a Uber cat. Chronos is a powerful healer and damage dealer. Another prowess of the cat is her ability to freeze enemies completely. Chronos is effective for long and short-range attacks. Play the Rare Cat Capsule to get the Chronos cat. Chronos is also resistant to Warp and Freeze. Chronos can be utilized as an attacker for its special range skills.


Often known as the God Emperor, Var is a powerful DPS tank that’s effective against black enemies and aliens. Vars is good at everything, the cat has an excellent attack rate, DPS and HP. Vars can be used for long-ranged attacks. Vars thrives with her relic ability. Vars can also hamper the opponents’ health for a short duration. The only concern regarding Var is, you have to spend a lot to obtain this cat.


Paladin or Marauder cat has been an excellent DPS tank, the cat holds a high crit rate and range stats. Paladin deals explosive damage and has a very good attack rate. Paladin is available at a low cost and the recharge rate is effectively fast. Paladin is resistant to knockback. Paladin unleashes his freeze and zombie ability for the battles.


Anubis is your protector and savior. Anubis is an excellent tank against zombies and negates the zombies’ powers. Anubis is highly resistant to Knockback, Wave, and Slow. Anubis is a powerful DPS tank with health and damage being its core strength. Anubis has decent attack speed and also has excellent movement speed. The only weakness of Anubis is its ranged targets.


Togelan Pasalan is an attacking unit. Pasalan can survive any form of attack and take infinite damage. Pasalan is resistant to waves. Pasalan gets an HP boost during the battles. The other stats for Pasalan include range and knockback. The evolved form of the Pasalan cat is effectively good for combat.



The Sweet and Radiant Aphrodite is an incredible DPS tank and comes from the S Tier in Battle Cats. The Evolution of Aphrodite makes it a formidable tank. You can evolve Aphrodite into Megaphrodite and Almighty Aphrodite at Levels 10 and 30 respectively. The evolution of Aphrodite is done using XP and some cat fruits. Aphrodite is a nightmare to Aliens. Aphrodite excels in long-range attacks. Aphrodite has great health and DMG stats, and the cat is a powerful DPS and well-known for its range of attacks. Overall Aphrodite is an incredible unit that you must always include in your squad on Battle Cats.


Splendid Ganesha is a top-tier unit from Battle Cats. Ganesha is an epic DPS unit and stronger in long-distance attacks. Ganesha also holds high HP stats. Ganesha has two evolution forms, one is the Exalted version and the next is Almighty Ganesha. Ganesha is resistant to knockbacks. Ganesha is overall a powerful DPS known for HP and Long Range.



The Male tank is effective against Aliens. Akira can freeze his enemies by 50%, he’s resistant to Weaker, Waves, and Warp. Akira plays the attacking role. Akira has very good health and range moves. You can upgrade Akira and use him for the toughest battles.


Windy is another uber that’s effective against Black, Red, and Aliens. Windy is a powerful DMG unit, though her HP is only decent, the cat inflicts severe damage, especially against Floating enemies and Zombies. Divine Windy is her evolution form. You can pick windy for her Knockbacks and DPS, the cat can easily deal massive damage for every battle. A powerful Windy can never be ignored in Battle Cats.

Which are the Powerful Cats in Battle Cats?

The S Tier Cats from Battle Cats are always superior, you should prioritize S Tier characters for the most challenging combat. Next to S Tier, A Tier Cats will be a great addition to your team. You can combine both S and A Tier Cats for the best team combinations in Battle Cats. B Tier Cats can be used for the easiest battles, other than that you can deploy B Tier characters only after upgrading them. C and D Tier Cats in Battle Cats are always ignored by most of the players, as they don’t provide anything.

Battle Cats is an amazing mobile-based Tower Battle game. If you have never played Battle Cats, install now and play. If you have any doubts regarding the best Cats from Battle Cats, this guide should help you before you pick your characters. Every Cat in Battle Cats has a unique ability and power that will help you to win the battles.


These are the best and most powerful Cats available in Battle Cats. You can use these for all the battles, upgrade the cats to increase their abilities. That’s everything you need to about Battle Cats Street Fighter Tier List and the best characters to use on Battle Cats.

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