Destiny Child Tier List – Best Characters (March 2023)

Destiny Child is a card collectible mobile game that has many characters and heroes. Here is the list of the best characters from Destiny Child and our Tier List.

Destiny Child is a card-based strategy gacha game where you battle against some of the best characters. The card-collecting battles in Destiny Child are one of the best things about this game. Hundreds of characters are available in Destiny Child, as they are designed in such an elegant way. These Live 2D creatures will make you fall in love with them. You have to pick your characters, build your territory and take part in the PVP battles and Raid Season combat to get the best rewards.

You must build your team deck with the available characters of Destiny Child. The World Boss battle is one of the toughest challenges in Destiny Child. All the characters of Destiny Child are grouped into different Tiers. Here’s Destiny Child Tier List and the best characters to use for the battles and boss fights.

Destiny Child Tier List

S Tier

S Tier has the best set of characters in Destiny Child. S Tier characters boast more powers and stats


A Tier

A Tier characters of Destiny Child are equally good but not superior as compared to S Tier


B Tier

B Tier characters of Destiny Child have decent to good stats, you can use the highest level characters from this category


C Tier

C Tier in Destiny Child has below-average characters with average stats and skills

Skiing EshuSupport

D Tier

D Tier characters are totally weak in Destiny Child and you don’t even need to use them


With this, the Tier list for Destiny Child is done, and you can use the best Tier characters to succeed in Destiny Child. Always give priority to S and A Tier characters to get the best results in combat.

Destiny Child – Best Characters to Use


The five-star Mona is a powerful Tank in Destiny Child. Mona is the sole leader of Succubi. Mona has a high HP stat, very good ATK, and a decent Def. Mona is a powerful tank that hails from the Infernal Realm. Mona boasts heavy auto attack damage, her HP helps her to take more damage. Mona deals explosive damage in short-range target zones. Overall Mona is one of the best characters to use in Destiny Child.



Dreamer Saturn, the five-star light element girl plays the attacking role. Saturn has a basic power of more than 3000 which makes her an automatic choice for your battles. The other best stats for Saturn are her ATK, Crit DMG, and HP. Saturn thrives with her dark attack skill which also helps her to get more auto attack damage. Saturn is the leader of Planet Party which is a pop star group.


Forbidden Eve, the five-star water element attacker can be utilized for her HP and defensive skills. Eve doesn’t hold a very high ATK, but you can boost her attacks with every level update. Eve unleashes her water attacks which will stop opponents’ attacks for about 30 seconds. Eve deals damage in AoE and long-range. Eve is one of the best attackers for PvP battles with her excellent water elemental powers.


Maat is a five-star Healer and an excellent player for both PvE and PvP. Maat holds excellent base power and HP. Even though Maat is a weaker defensive unit, her huge HP stats will make her a good addition to your squad. Maat possesses incredible healing powers, even she can rejuvenate and retrieve a fallen child. You can pick Maat for any of your team comp in Destiny Child, if the other characters are good in Def, DMG, and ATK, then Maat is a mandatory addition to your squad.


The Attacker Nicole is a reincarnated version of the exorcist Saint Nicole. Nicole is your best player for PvP battles. Nicole excels in all areas, as she has excellent HP stats, Def powers and attacking abilities. Nicole becomes a beast with each upgrade of Destiny Child.



Rita is a Debuffer, the darkness element character Rita gradually reduces the abilities of her foes with her debuff skills. Rita holds max HP and ATK. Rita is one of the best units for PvP combat.


Thisbe is one of the explosive units, she’s basically a debuffer. The five-star water element Thisbe is an excellent pick for PvE battles. Thisbe has a high HP, but her ATK and DEF are under par. Thisbe can deal ridiculously explosive damage, all because of her debuff skills. You can’t keep a player like Thisbe out of your team.


The Pure Bride Pomona is a top-tier healer. The white-colored healer holds one of the best HP stats and her attacking stats are also on par with her health. The five-star Pure White Pomona can be a versatile character for any team combination that you prefer.


Bathory plays the role of supporter, a great tank for DPS. Bathory has high debuff stats which will negate her foes’ powers and defenses. Bathory is a flexible player for both PvE and PvP combat. Bathory the five-star unit with her Leadership and Dot abilities will take your game to next level.


The Lieutenant girl Makoto is a powerful healer. Makoto has high power stats that make her one of the best units for PvP battles. The water element girl thrives with her water attacks and incredible HP stats. With more upgrades, Makoto will scale up and move to the top Tier.


Zooming Mars is a very good Tank, the girl has taken her name from the God of War. Mars is a live wire when it comes to PvE combat. Mars can deal high damage for AoE and long-range. Overall Mars is one of the most powerful Tanks and can be used for any team composition.


That’s everything you must know about Destiny Child Tier List and Characters. If you are confused about the best characters of Destiny Child, you can deploy these 10 characters for both PvP and PvE combats. Destiny Child is a unique card collectible battle game available on Android and iOS devices. The game offers one of the best battle experiences, you need to play with the best strategy to defeat your opponents here. Pick your characters and build your deck to become the ultimate Archfiend of the Infernal Realm before your opponents achieve the mission. The game is full of Battles, defeat your opponents and become the ultimate hero.

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