Dragon Quest Tact Tier List – All Characters Ranked (March 2023)

Looking for the best monsters in Dragon Quest Tact? Check our Dragon Quest Tact Tier List where we have ranked all the monsters.

Dragon Quest Tact is a Japanese Role Playing and Tactical Mobile game from Square Enix. Monsters are the heroes of Dragon Quest Tact. You will be the leader of many Monsters, and your role is to fight the evil monsters. The game’s concept is based on the original Dragon Quest series. The characters, combat, and visuals are all based on the mighty Dragon Quest. You can choose your hero from the available Monsters. Real-time and strategic battles of Dragon Quest Tact keep you going in the game.

The battles and story of Dragon Quest Tact occur in a fantasy open world. There are a variety of monsters in this Tactical RPG. And the monsters keep changing in every Tier, as the game was released in 2020. You need to employ powerful monsters to win the battles of the Dragon Quest Tact. Here’s our Dragon Quest Tact tier list with all the best characters ranked from the game. Use these monsters from our Tier List for all your battles in Dragon Quest Tact.

Dragon Quest Tact Tier List

S Tier

S Tier Monsters in Dragon Quest Tact are the tactical heroes in the game. These monsters have more experience and stats than the other monsters from Dragon Quest Tact. You can deploy these monsters for all the strategic combat and can be used with any team combination. S Tier Monsters deal more damage and the HP is also higher. Always pick S Tier monsters for your battles in Dragon Quest Tact as they are the numero uno.

Killing Machine Demon
Emperor SlimeMonster
Prism Peacock Monster
Night ClubberMonster
Wigth Knight Monster
Hell Gladiator Monster
Bone BarronMonster
Royal Monster
King She-SlimeMonster

A Tier

A Tier Monsters are the second-best characters in the game. A Tier Monsters give you the best results, and you need to use the weapons with high stats. Upgrade A Tier monsters to deal more damage and get the best ATK stats. A Tier heroes will move to S Tier after every new upgrade based on their stats.

Royal ReptileMonster
Metal Dragon Monster
Great Troll Monster
Handsome Crab Monster
Dread DragonMonster
Great DragonMonster
Skeleton SoldierDemon

B Tier

Dragon Quest Tact Tier List
Dragon Quest Tact

B Tier Monsters are not much powerful as compared to the other two Tier lists of Dragon Quest Tact. But still, you can go with B Tier monsters for the battles where your opponents are not powerful. If your weapons have the best stats and abilities, then B Tier monsters can be used for the small battles.

Drohl DroneMonster
Cyber SlimeMonster
Lemon SlimeMonster
Bad KarmourDemon
Raving LunatickMonster

C Tier

C Tier monsters are very weak and they don’t have the basic skills. You can ignore the C Tier characters. Don’t use these monsters for any of the battles in Dragon Quest Tact as they won’t bring you any results. C Tier monsters need more upgrades, and till then they can be ignored.

Buffalo WingMonster
Mummy BoyMonster
Mushroom Mage Monster
Bodkin FeatherMonster
Man O’WarMonster
Angel SlimeMonster

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