Is there Chainsaw Man Season 2?

Everything you need to know about Chainsaw Man, rumors about its new season, and more – is there Chainsaw Man season 2?

Chainsaw Man’s first season has finally reached its final episode as MAPPA has released Episode 12. During Season 1’s final episode, our beloved Chainsaw Man battled with the Katana Man, and as expected, he prevailed.

In addition to its action-packed content, the twelfth episode leaves a lot of plot-related breadcrumbs for viewers to follow. Can you explain why Gun Devil wants Chainsaw Devil’s heart so badly? The Devil Chainsaw Devil may be the most powerful in history, so why is he scared of him? There’s clearly something unknown about Chainsaw Devil’s origin, and hopefully, he’ll be more fully revealed in Season 2.

When Will Chainsaw Man Season 2 be Released?

It is still unknown when Chainsaw Man: Season 2 will be released as MAPPA has not yet renewed the anime. If you take a few rumors into account and consider how well the anime did, the anime will likely return sometime in 2024.

Although there is no official statement from the production, there was a rumor that the studio has already started work on Chainsaw Man: Season 2. It appears that 2024 will definitely be a promising year if these predictions are accurate.

What to Expect From Chainsaw Man Season 2?

Chainsaw Man season 1’s post-credit scene confirms that the next season will begin with Chapter 39. In this issue, the Bomb Devil story arc begins. During the Cold War, the bomb devil was a powerful devil working for the Soviet Union as Reze. Initially, she acts as if she cares about Denji romantically, but her real objective is to control his heart – Pochita (the chainsaw devil).

The second season of the series does not only feature her as a villain. There is a chance that other international assassins will appear in the second half of the season. This international assassination group is after Denji’s heart, according to the manga. The Japanese devil hunters and the international assassins engage in a thrilling-style battle.

Chainsaw Man Season 1 Ending Explained

Denji defeats and captures the Katana Man after a fierce battle at the end of Chainsaw Man’s first season. When the gun devil pieces are assembled, the other members of Tokyo Special Division 4 move towards the devil’s location. Also apprehended were Akane and her snake devil and ghost devil servants.

Her use of local gangsters to eliminate Makima’s entire squad is what connected her with the gun devil. After the snake devil convinced Akane to commit suicide, the squad could not get any information from her. Nevertheless, Makima suggested it might have something to do with her failed contract with the gun devil while explaining the details to her seniors.

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