Fate Grand Order Tier List (March 2023)

Fate Grand Order has several characters ranging in power, here is the complete Tier list for Fate Grand Order along with the best Servants to use for the battles.

Fate Grand Order is a Japanese mobile-based combat game. Fate Grand Order has servants as its characters, you need to pick your favorite Servants for the Combats. The servants from Fate Grand Order (FGO) are grouped in different Tiers according to their stats and skillsets. If you are looking to know the best Servants from FGO along with the Tier List, here’s our Fate Grand Order Tier List and the best Servants to use.

Fate Grand Order Tier List Overview

Here’s a short overview on all the Tiers in Fate Grand Order.

  • S Tier – S Tier includes the most powerful Servants of Fate Grand Order
  • A Tier – A Tier Servants from Fate Grand Order are the best ones to use after S Tier
  • B Tier – B Tier Servants of Fate Grand Order can only be used for easy battles
  • C Tier – C Tier includes the average Servants from Fate Grand Order
  • D Tier – D Tier includes below-average Servants from Fate Grand Order
  • E Tier – E Tier includes the weakest Servants of Fate Grand Order and you don’t have to use them

The Tier List in Fate Grand Order varies from S To E, here is the Tier List for FGO along with the Servants.

FGO S Tier

Amakusa ShirouRuler
Zhuge LiangCaster
Arash Archer
Minamoto-no-Raikou Berserker

FGO A Tier

Edmond DantesAvenger
Helena BlavatskyCaster
Robin HoodArcher
Okado IzoAssassin
Mash KyrielightShielder
Valkyrie Lancer

FGO B Tier

Eric BloodaxeBerserker
Saint MarthaRider
Xuanzang SanzangCaster
Sherlock Holmes Ruler
PassionlipAlter Ego

FGO C Tier

Vlad IIIBerserker
Abigail WilliamsForeigner
Saint MarthaRuler
Charles-Henri SansonAssassin

FGO D Tier

Okta SoujiAlter Ego
Helena BlavatskyArcher
Katou DanzoAssassin
Thomas EdisonCaster

FGO E Tier

Marie AntoinetteCaster

Best Servants to Use

Here are the best Servants to use in Fate Grand Order. The servants are ranked according to their stats and skills in Fate Grand Order.


One of the best Caster rarity Servants from Fate Grand Order. The 5-star Merlin heals everyone with his special skills. Merlin is so strong with his ATK and Healing abilities. Merlin can enhance the critical dmg for his allies using his invincible skills. With so many skills inside Merlin, he can be your first Servant to use for the toughest battles. Merlin will be a destructive force and can be lethal against every opponent. Keep upgrading his stats to get better results in all the battles of Fate Grand Order.


The five-star archer Gilgamesh is a powerful offensive Servant. With decent ATK and Healing, Gilgamesh is already on the elite list. Gilgamesh deals explosive damage which no one can evade. Gilgamesh provides debuff and critical power to his allies. Gilgamesh thrives with his passive abilities which are Magical Resistance and Divinity. His Passive abilities will boost his damage and resistance during the battles.


A five-star Lancer Servant, Enkidu succeeds with his highly effective Health Shield. Enkidu boats a special Anti-Berserker skill that boosts his ATK. Enkidu has decent damage, but his ATK and Healing make him one of the best Servants in FGO. Enkidu is also capable of boosting the buster card for himself. Overall Enkidu is one of the best Servants from Fate Grand Order that you can utilize to increase your winning margins in the game.

Fate Grand Order Characters
Fate Grand Order Characters


One of the powerful five-star Archers, Arjuna is powerful with his Buster-buff and attacking skills. The Anti-Evil is another special ability that helps you to get an increased boost for attacks. Arjun restores his HP with Soul’s Light Ex. Arjuna is an archer who’s always been known for his AoE. Having Arjuna in your squad will help you to progress easily in the game. The archer with his AoE skills can really be a destruction against his foes. The five-star Arjuna can be your Trump Card for PvP battles.


The Super Orion is a powerful archer who’s primarily stronger with his damage skills. His Grace of the Goddess EX ability increases his own attacking powers. Orion’s append skills will boost his attack and deal more damage to his opponents. His active skills will easily increase his burster and critical powers. Orion is such a powerful DPS especially since he becomes inevitable with his tool kit and active ability. Orion is one of those Servants who can make opponents weaker with his just his basic skills.


The 4-star Saber, Lancelot is a great Servant and can be included in your squad just for his ATK. Knight of Owner, the basic Servant skill of Lancelot will increase his critical strength during the battle. His Append Skills are also one of his major strengths. Extra Attack Boost, Load Magical Energy, and the Anti-Saber skills will enable Lancelot to improvise his ATK damage and helps him to receive extra attacks. Magic Resistance is another skill of Lancelot which can be effective for Debuff.

Robin Hood

Robin Hood is a three-star archer who holds high healing powers. Even though Robin Hood has only decent stats for ATK and DMG, yet his Health will make up for it. His active skill Sabotage will decrease the attacks of his foes for 3 rounds. Robin Hood gets an increase in debuff resistance with the help of Magic Resistance, which is also his passive ability.

Robin Hood


If Lord Rama was the hero of Ramayana, this Rama from Fate Grand Order can be your hero for this game. Rama is a four-star Saber and the Servant boasts superb ATK skills and HP. Additionally, Rama is a powerful offensive player. Rama deals incredible damage, especially for AoE and single-target. His Passive Skill of Riding makes him a Beast in battle, as this skill has the ability to improve his performance for a long duration. Rama’s Divinity skill provides a damage boost of 200 on average. Overall Rama is a powerful Servant from FGO, who can excel in every aspect of the game.



The four-star Lancer class Valkyrie plays the AoE NP role basically. Valkyrie thrives with her high HP stats. Her Primordial Rune skill will boost her NP for every attack, similarly her Fate Weaver enhances her NP gauge and can restore her lost HP. Her active skill Primeval Rune will grant her more NP Damage and boost her Performance and Critical Strength.


Cleopatra is an excellent 5-star troop and one of the best Servants that you can employ on Fate Grand Order. Cleopatra’s skills allow her to get increased self ATK, self Def, self Healing, self NP gain. Her Append Skills provide extra attacks and special ATK damage, but only for saber enemies. Her class skill Presence Concealment boosts the critical star drop rate. Overall Cleopatra is a self-sufficient Servant as she doesn’t rely on her allies. Cleopatra gets extra damage as her kit includes steroids. Overall Cleopatra is a powerful Servant from FGO that you must not miss for the combat.


That’s everything you need to know about Fate Grand Order Tier List and all the characters in the game. As of now you can go with these powerful heroes as your servants in the battles. We will be back with more exciting updates and news about Fate Grand Order soon.

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