Genshin Impact Ballads of Breeze Guide – 10 Tips for Beginners

Ballads of Breeze is a mini-event in Genshin Impact. Here’s our guide to complete the Ballads of Breeze event with easy tips and tricks.

Genshin Impact 3.5 has new time-limited events and challenges. Windblume’s Breathe is the first primary time-limited event and it has three challenges and several rewards. Ballads of Breeze, Breezy Snapshots, and Floral Pursuit are three main mini-events which have many challenges that will be unlocked each day. To get access to the Windblume’s Breathe event in Genshin Impact 3.5 update version, make sure your adventurer rank is level 18 or more. And you also need to complete other basic archon quests, then finally you can meet Katherine at the adventurers guild in Mondstadt to unlock this quest.

Ballads of Breeze is one of the main quests and you can initiate this challenge after an interaction with Lizzie at the eastern gate of Mondstadt and also make sure to complete the world quest. There are over 20 challenges in the Ballads of Breeze event and they are quite difficult to complete. To those who are looking for the best tips and tricks to complete this event, here is our Genshin Impact Ballads of Breeze event guide and strategies to complete every challenge.

Genshin Impact Ballads of Breeze Event Guide and Tips

There are many objectives that you need to complete to finish the entire Ballads of Breeze event in Genshin Impact. Follow these tips and tricks to complete the event without struggling much,

  • Invitation of Blume is the first challenge. You need to complete this challenge in 3 difficulties and you can start the challenge on pro mode first to complete the challenge easily on the other two modes. Starting in Pro mode will help you to complete easy and normal mode challenges in a short time. This is the best tip to start playing the ballads of Breeze event 
  • Perform songs based on the rhythms and use the right instruments every time. And also use instruments that are louder to get more attention among tltravelers. Your choice of music and soundtrack should be unique and different from others.
  • Complete every challenge and perform songs as soon as possible. Delaying it will only waste your time and you won’t be able to unlock the following day’s challenges. And you will not be able to gain all rewards if it’s delayed.
  • You can also choose and perform songs from previous events and the ones with a high success rate will get you more rewards.
  • Completing challenges on pro mode will also unlock the other difficulty mode rewards in the Ballads of Breeze event and this is another reason to play the challenge on this mode initially
  • Ignore songs that have long and difficult notes. Instead, play those songs that only have short notes and easy tunes. Long notes will consume more of your time and you can ignore them simply.
  • Playing the Ballads of Breeze in the right settings is a must. And you also need to adjust those important settings like note speed, calibration value, set speed, and falling speed. These will help you to perform without any difficulty
  • Strike the instruments and keys accordingly else the tunes may go wrong. Don’t perform in a hurry as the tempo will be bad again and your fingers need to be used in the correct keys every time
  • Choose a song and you can alter the tune and play different tones to gain more attraction. You simply need to showcase your keyboard skills and perform well to gain popularity and win all the rewards for the event
  • You can also choose and perform the game’s title tracks or other event songs that are hit. You can also use a different tune and mix up other tunes to give a fresh feeling to the travelers. 
Genshin Impact Ballads of Breeze
Genshin Impact Ballads of Breeze

Every day a new challenge is unlocked and here are the reward that you will get for completing the Ballads of Breeze event,

  • Primo Gems
  • Mora
  • Festive Tickets
  • Hero’s Wit
  • Mystic Enhancement

These are the best tips and tricks to perform well and complete the Ballads of Breeze event in Genshin Impact. We will come back with more updates and guides soon.

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