Genshin Impact End of the Line Puzzle Guide – Complete Walkthrough

Here’s our Genshin Impact guide to help you complete the End of the Line Puzzle quest with simple tips and tricks to help you complete it easily.

The End of the Line puzzle is the penultimate challenge of the Perilous Trail Archon quest in Genshin Impact. The Perilous Trail Archon quest was first launched in the version 2.7 update of the game. The entire quest takes place in Chasm. This archon quest is all about entering a new domain, interacting with Paimon, completing objectives, and defeating enemies that spawn. Completing this archon quest will grant you several rewards. Yelan and Xiao will be available throughout this quest. Other prominent characters will also make their way to the spot at various stages of the quest.

The time-based puzzles are harder to crack and you need to unlock and collect clues to complete objectives. Once you complete this Perilous Trail quest line, you can get access to the final archon quest named “At Tunnel’s End, Light”. Here is our guide and walkthrough to complete the End of the Line puzzle quest.

Genshin Impact End of the Line Puzzle
Genshin Impact End of the Line Puzzle

Genshin Impact End of the Line Puzzle Guide & Tips 

Make your way to The Chasm’s Bed. Visit the Realm of Snaring Illusions domain and interact with Paimon to receive a quest. You also need to use the needle to unravel the puzzle. Defeat the first set of enemies as Yanfei and only a trial version of Yanfei is available. Defeat both Treasure Hoarders, Scout, and Crusher. Again defeat the Handyman enemies. Then have a brief interaction with Yanfei and move to the next spot. Find a treasure note and have an interaction with the Fantastic Compass to progress. 

You will find the compass in every space that you enter during the quest. Also, make sure to break the glowing tree saplings on the rocks. 

 Also, find and collect some clues in the space. Then demolish the Geo Exploding Barrels which take you to the next space. Use the needle to move it forward and unlock the gate. Next defeat the Pyro and Cryo enemies oh Fatui as Yelan. Then interact with Yelan to enter the next space. Find the next clue near a rock. Now use the lever to unlock the tunnel gate.


Find the next quest item and go via the rail road to unlock a common chest. Use the needle to your right and unlock paths that are blocked. You will find one more fantastic compass inside here. Next defeat the shadowy opponents as Xiao. Interact with Xiao and move to the next zone. Find the next clue and get the quest item. Defeat the purple shroud and enter inside another cave. Use the needle and rotate it back twice and enter the next tunnel gate.

Now use the compass and the enter final space to complete the puzzle. Now travel across the abyss and investigate with a compass on the floor. Interact with everyone and collect your rewards from the chest in the domain before leaving. That’s how the entire puzzle can be solved. A challenging task, but you need to complete all objectives to enter all five portals and get the clues and quest items. Once done, you can move on to complete the final quest in the Interlude Chapter: Act II – Perilous Trail Questline. Collect Note of Unknown Origin: IV and a cutscene with the traveler and other characters will end the quest. Here are the rewards for the End of the Puzzle quest in Genshin Impact,

  • 11 Mystic Enhance­ment Ore 
  • 5 Hero’s Wit
  • 58,200 Mora
  • 1,325 Adventure EXP 

That’s everything you need to know about the End of the Line Puzzle quest in Genshin Impact. Follow our tips and tricks to complete the challenge. We will come back with more Genshin Impact updates and guides soon.  

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