Gunfire Reborn Character Tier List (March 2023)

Check our guide to know the Top heroes from Gunfire Reborn along with Gunfire Reborn Character Tier List.

Gunfire is a multi-genre game from Duoyi Games. The game’s concept is amazing, you have to pass various levels with the available heroes and go on a new adventure. Gunfire Reborn has Roguelike and RPG elements, and the game’s primary genre is based on fps. You either play in the challenging solo mode or with 4 players in the Multiplayer co-op mode. This adventure level-based game has many characters who are the heroes during the battles. Gunfire Reborn is available to play on Android, iOS, Windows, Xbox, and Playstation, so everyone can play this amazing FPS-based adventure game.

As of now, Gunfire Reborn has 8 Heroes as its playable characters. Every hero has unique powers and stats. These 8 heroes are unlocked either by reaching Talent Level or by spending Soul Essence. If you are looking to know the best Characters and Tier List from Gunfire Reborn, here we will share the Gunfire Reborn Tier List and the best characters to use for the battles.

Gunfire Reborn Characters Tier List

Here’s an overview of the Gunfire Reborn Character Tier list.

S Tier – S Tier Heroes are the powerful characters in Gunfire Reborn, you can employ them for every battle.
A Tier – A Tier Heroes will be a great addition to your Gunfire Reborn squad
B Tier – B Tier characters from Gunfire Reborn are average
C Tier – C Tier heroes from Gunfire Reborn are poor with worst stats, you can just ignore this list.

SQing Yan, Tao,
AAo Bai, Qian Sui
BCrown Prince, Lei Luo
CXing Zhe, Li

Gunfire Reborn Characters

Here are the stats and abilities of all the heroes in Gunfire Reborn. You can choose these heroes for your battles in Gunfire Reborn, as they are the powerful heroes in the game.

Crown Prince 

Crown Prince holds the privilege of being the first Gunfire Reborn playable character. You can automatically unlock the Crown Prince as he’s the first hero. Crown Prince succeeds with his two talent materials. Energy Orb is the first Talent for Crown Prince, while Smoke Grenade is his second talent. His first skill Energy Orb completely freezes his foes. While his secondary ability Smoke Grenade unleashes a grenade and pours acid on his enemies. There are 3 Smoke Grenades, these will inflict explosive damage with the corrosion effect. 

Prince Crown has more abilities apart from these two. Efficient Orb is his Passive Ability that decreases the cooldown time for his primary talent Energy Orb. Large Area Smoke and Energy charge are his other abilities. The Mystic Guard increases his shield by 20. Overall Prince Crown is a Top Tier Hero and numero uno of Gunfire Reborn.

Ao Pai

Ao Pai is a powerful Healing Tank. Ao Pai is unlocked after reaching Talent Level 25 from Gunfire Reborn. Ao Pai has Dual-Wield as his Primary Talent and Explosive Grenade as his Secondary Talent. Dual-Wield helps Ao Pai to utilize his 2 weapons at the same time for 30 seconds. Ao Bai uses explosive weapons and grenades for the battles. His Explosive Grenade is an explosion, utilize this ability whenever your health is down.

 Ao Pai has 4 Passive Skills. Advanced Dual-Wielding, Dual Battle Soul, Destructive Blast, and Extra Reserves. These passive skills increase Ao Bai’s HP and damage stat for explosive grenades. You can progress faster if your squad has a place for Ao Bai. Ao Bai is a powerful hero, if you deploy him with the best weapons and ascension, then no one can defeat you in Gunfire Reborn.

Qing Yan

Qing Yan is unlocked after reaching Talent Level 40. Qing Yan is a close-range attacker and holds the highest RNG from Gunfire Reborn. Qing Yan has two main skills, Leap and Cleave. Qing Yan is a powerful tank for short-ranged battles. His Leap ability restores his HP, this skill helps him to recover quickly even after taking massive damage. Cleave is his close-range skill and can be equipped with all the weapons. Qing Yan becomes a formidable tank with his Armor, Weapons, and Grenades. You can acquire melee and shotgun weapons.

Lei Luo 

Lei Luo is a powerful DPS for ranged combat. You can unlock Lei Luo after crossing Talent Level 55. Lei Luo is often considered the White Tiger of Gunfire Reborn. Lei Luo excels in long-range battles. Fatal Current and Chain Lightning are the best skills for Lei Luo. Lei Luo boosts his speed and damage with the Fatal Current ability. Chain Lightning improves his damage and range stats. His ascension materials are not powerful.


Tao is unlocked for Soul Essence. Tao is the very first female hero from Gunfire Reborn. Tao is an explosive DPS tank. The purple-colored rabbit hero uses Sword, Swords are her best weapons. Tao is an excellent ranged troop and has decent HP. Swords Out and Fatal Bloom are her two major skills. Tao also deals AoE targeted damage attacks. Tao’s Ascension Materials boost her Swords and make her a dominant troop. Tao can be utilized for her DMG and range skills. If your other troops have the best HP, then Tao makes a good pair.

Gunfire Reborn Character Tier List

Qian Sui 

You can Qian Sui for 600 Soul Essence. Qian Sui is the best tank from Gunfire Reborn. Qian Sui deals massive damage and holds the best defensive stats. His Primary Skill Tidal  Aspis makes him resistant to damage against frontal attacks, this skill also creates a water-type shield blocking the attacks of opponents. Qian Sui is a ranged attacker and deals with a huge AoE DMG. Qian Sui is a top-tier tank from Gunfire Reborn. You can deal explosive damage with Qian Sui by your side. The primary skills of Qian Sui make its DMG powerful. Overall Qian Sui is a powerful tank and can fit in for any team composition.

Xing Zhe

The charming Zing Zhe is the 7th playable hero from Gunfire Reborn. The monkey-like creature can be obtained by purchasing the Visitors which is available in the Spirit Realm DLC. Soul Strike and Essence Chain are the two main skills of the cartoon hero. Soul Strike enhances damage stats,  Essence Chain adds more powers to his weapons. Indestructible Spell increases the Health Shield for Xing Zhe by 20. Soul Strike can deal massive damage for short range. Xing Zhe’s Ascension Materials will boost his weapon stats.

Xing Zhe


The final playable hero from Gunfire Reborn. Li is obtained again after purchasing the visitors from the Spirit Realm DLC. Li is an excellent DPS tank. Spiritual Flame and Blazing Meteor are Li’s best skills. Li deals explosive flame damage. Flame Arsenal boosts DMG stats. Li succeeds with flames and meteors. Spiritual Flame gives Li an unlimited damage boost. Li, the fox hero from Gunfire Reborn is a unique character that deals in fire damage. Li is the last hero from Gunfire Reborn, more new heroes are expected to be added to the game soon.

Gunfire Reborn Guide


That’s everything about Gunfire Reborn Characters and Character Tier List. Heroes and Weapons of Gunfire Reborn are the main aspects. Similar to characters, there’s also a weapon Tier List for Gunfire Reborn, the Weapon Tier list for Gunfire Reborn groups the best and worst weapons. As of now, the game has only 8 heroes, you can expect more heroes from Gunfire Reborn as the game’s been on a stupendous rise for the past 2 years. We will update you about the upcoming heroes of Gunfire Reborn, once they are out.

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