How to Complete Genshin Impact Vibro Crystal Event

Want to know how to complete the Genshin Impact Vibro Crystal Event quickly? Well, this guide will help you with all the details.

Genshin Impact version 3.5 introduces Vibro-Crystal Verification, a thrilling combat event that requires players to create their own team compositions. As with previous combat events, players have the freedom to choose the best characters for the job. 

Don’t worry about character levels, as the event offers trial characters for both new and old players, allowing everyone to participate on an even playing field. In this guide, we will tell you how to complete the Genshin Impact Vibro Crystal Event easily. We will also give some additional details about the event so read this guide till the end.

Genshin Impact Vibro Crystal Event Date

The Genshin Impact Vibro Crystal Event has already started on March 14, 2023. It will run till March 27, 2023. To participate in this exciting event and earn fantastic rewards, players must have an Adventure Rank of 28 or higher.

Before jumping into the action, players must first complete the Archon Quest “Rite of Parting” to gain access to the event. It is like a sequel to the popular Vibro-Crystal Research from version 2.6. Players can find the event quest added to their quest list if they meet the requirements. From there, they can simply navigate the quest and teleport to the event domain to begin their adventure.

How to Start Vibro Crystal Verification event in Genshin Impact

To join the exciting Vibro Crystal event in Genshin Impact, players must first meet certain requirements. The Traveler must have an Adventure Rank (AR) of 28 or higher and complete Archon Quest Chapter 1 Act 3 – A New Star Approaches. Once these requirements are met, players can access the “Vibro-Crystal Reharmonization” quest from their Quest Log.

Activate the quest to reveal a marker on the map leading to a Fontaine researcher waiting in Liyue. Interact with the NPC to gain access to the familiar blue gateway beside Anatole. Then select which crystals and team compositions you want to use on each floor. Keep in mind that each floor will have its unique conditions. Therefore, choose your characters wisely for the best chance at victory.

How to Complete Genshin Impact Vibro Crystal Event

In the Genshin Impact Vibro Crystal Event, players must equip their party with a Vibro-Crystal Harmonics Schema to take on various challenges. Within a limited time frame, players must defeat enemies to earn points. Over the course of the event’s first six days, a new challenge will unlock daily. This will offer players a chance to test their skills and earn rewards.

Similar to Spiral Abyss, players must create two parties with their own characters and trial characters before engaging in combat. To boost their party’s performance, players can equip each party with a Vibro-Crystal Harmonics Schema as said above. Then, combine Transmitter Crystals and Receiver Crystals to unlock different combat buffs.

Keep in mind that each Transmitter Crystal can only connect to one Receiver Crystal. However, each Receiver can receive transmissions from up to three Transmitters. Experimenting with different Transmitter Crystals to trigger the Receivers will increase the overall effects of the Vibro-Crystal Harmonics Schema. This will potentially provide an advantage during combat.

Additional Tips

The Vibro-Crystal event in Genshin Impact version 3.5 presents players with a thrilling combat challenge. Players must defeat constantly emerging enemies within the allocated time to earn points. Powerful enemies will provide more points, so it’s worth prioritizing them when possible.

At the end of each challenge, players will receive different insignias based on the number of points they have earned. Players should aim to achieve the highest score possible to earn the most significant rewards.

During event challenges, Elemental Resonances will take effect, providing players with additional bonuses. However, players won’t be able to use food or other items to help them in combat. To maximize their chances of success, players should focus on connecting multiple Transmitters to the same receiver. This will increase the buff it provides. Concentrating on one receiver that works best for their main DPS instead of using multiple buffs is a good strategy.


Furthermore, players who have access to trial characters should use their version of that character if they have better stats than their own. This will increase the player’s chances of success in the Vibro Crystal event. So, if you’re looking to earn the highest possible score, be sure to utilize all of these strategies to maximize your rewards.

Genshin Impact Vibro Crystal Event Rewards

As players complete each challenge in the Genshin Impact Vibro Crystal Event, they will be rewarded with a host of valuable items to aid in their adventures. These rewards include 70x Primogems, which can be used to obtain new characters or weapons through the gacha system. Furthermore, players will also get Mystic Enhancement Ore. This can be used to upgrade weapons to make them stronger.

In addition, players will also receive weapon ascension material. It is essential for leveling up and ascending weapons to unlock their full potential. These rewards are all valuable resources that players will undoubtedly find useful as they explore the vast and exciting world of Genshin Impact.

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