How to Complete Rescuing Rococo Quest in Hogwarts Legacy?

Rescuing Rococo is a challenging quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Check our tips and tricks to complete this challenge easily.

New challenges are coming out each day in Hogwarts Legacy. The puzzle-based challenges and quests in Hogwarts Legacy are difficult to overcome. A particular quest where your goal is to rescue Rococo involves bashing enemies and cracking some challenging puzzles. Rococo is a magical creature and also the Pet Niffler for Agnes Coffey. Agnes Coffey is a well-known Apparel Shop owner in Bainburgh. Agnes lived a peaceful and happy life with her Pet. One day,  Agnes found that her pet was missing when she was at Henrietta’s Hideaway for a walk. To find her pet, Agnes Coffey assigns a quest named Rescuing Rococo.

Rescuing Rococo is an optional side quest in Hogwarts Legacy. You can find the pet with level 25 and above. You need to start from Bainburgh, which also appears to be the location of Agnes Coffey. A couple of objectives and killing enemies will help you to complete this quest. To those who are struggling hard to complete the Rescuing Rococo quest, here’s our gift and walkthrough to complete Rescuing Rococo in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Rescuing Rococo Quest – Walkthrough and Tips

The objectives are simple. Head over to Bainburgh and receive the quest from Agnes Coffey. Then you need to find and visit a castle in Henrietta’s Hideaway to rescue Rococo. This is a secret area and again you have to find the pet in the Manor Cape region which is located towards the south of Bainburgh.

The pet will be located in an Ashwinder-infested castle in the southern part of the Manor Cape region. Explore the ruins in Henrietta’s Hideaway and defeat enemies including the Infamous Foe, Dunstan Trinity.

Use any spell to unlock the entrance and make your way to the secret area. After entering Henrietta’s Hideaway, you can turn left from the Merlin Trial. Take the stairs and find the next secret room. Now you have to solve a series of puzzles.

The first block puzzle is quite easy. You should find two platforms with a cube on one of the platforms. Use Accio or Incendio spell to cast on the statue nearby which will also help you to find the next cube. Now use another spell to move and place the cube on another platform. Now get inside and kill the following Ashwinder enemies that spawn inside the castle.

Rescuing Rococo Hogwarts Legacy

Now find the magical floor and you need to avoid entering it. Use can use spells to trap the enemies on the magical floor and escape from the spot. You can also throw an object on the magical floor to cross it. Now you will find the next block and brazier before the statue. Again you need to light up the brazier using Confringo.

Now solve the next puzzle using Wingardium Leviosa, Incendio, Accio, and Leviso. Use spells on the cube and then place them on the right platforms. Then finally cast Wingardium Leviosa to cast it on the fire block that will also open the final door where Rococo resides. Clear all enemies and traps. Finally, you will be meeting Rococo in the room. Rescue Rococo using a Nab-Sack and go to the merchant’s shop in Bainburgh and complete the quest to get new rewards from Agnes Coffey.


  • Niffler Fur-Lined Hat
  • XP
  • Gold

That’s how you can complete the Rococo quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Follow these simple tips and tricks to rescue Rococo and unlock new rewards and challenges in the game. We will come back with more Hogwarts Legacy updates and guides soon.

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