How to get Mailed Flower Claymore in Genshin Impact – Best Characters to use

Do you want to use the Genshin Impact Mailed Flower more effectively? Here is everything you need to know about it along with the best characters to use.

Genshin Impact players have a new weapon to look forward to in the upcoming Windblume Festival 2023. The Mailed Flower claymore is a 4-star weapon that can be wielded by various characters in the game. This makes them more powerful in battle. However, it’s important to note that this claymore is exclusive to the Windblume Festival event. It cannot be obtained in the game later. Learn more about the Genshin Impact Mailed Flower in this guide below.

Wildblume's Breath
Wildblume’s Breath

Genshin Impact Mailed Flower

Players who want to add the Mailed Flower to their collection must participate in the Windblume Festival. They will have a chance of obtaining it during the limited-time event. Once acquired, the claymore can be equipped permanently. This is similar to the Windblume Ode bow that was available in a previous event. It cannot be obtained by players who missed out on the opportunity. Therefore, players should not miss their chance to acquire the Genshin Impact Mailed Flower claymore during the Windblume Festival 2023.

Genshin Impact Mailed Flower Stats

The Mailed Flower claymore, which can be wielded by several different characters in Genshin Impact, has exclusive stats that make it a valuable weapon. The base stats of the weapon at level one include an attack of 43.73 and bonus elemental mastery of 24. As the weapon is leveled up, its stats increase significantly. 

At level 20, the attack and bonus elemental mastery increase to 118.57 and 42.41, respectively. The ascension phase one, which is at level 20+, increases the attack to 144.47. It keeps the bonus elemental mastery at 42.41. The weapon’s stats continue to improve as it is leveled up further, and as it goes through each ascension phase. 

The maximum level of the weapon is level 90, at which point its attack reaches 564.78 and bonus elemental mastery reaches 110.26.

Best Characters to use for Mailed Flower

For Genshin Impact players with Mailed Flower, triggering Elemental Reactions is essential to maximize claymore’s EM bonuses. Depending on each character’s build, they should focus on specific strategies to make the most of the weapon’s abilities. Razor is the most suitable character to wield the Mailed Flower. 

As his Hyperbloom build prioritizes Elemental Mastery on all his Artifacts, the claymore can significantly enhance his damage output when triggering Hyperbloom with a specialized team. Players can obtain the event-exclusive Genshin Impact Mailed Flower through the limited-time Windblume Festival 2023 event, so they should take the opportunity to use it to its fullest potential.

Mailed Flower
Mailed Flower

In Genshin Impact, players have various options for characters to use the Mailed Flower weapon from the Windblume Festival. Diluc may not traditionally focus on Elemental Mastery, but the sub-stat and skill of the weapon can help him deal massive damage through Pyro-based reactions, which are some of the strongest in the game. 

Sayu is another candidate who can take advantage of the weapon’s EM sub-stat to improve both her Swirl reactions and overall healing powers. However, GameWith suggests that any character that uses Elemental Mastery can equip the Mailed Flower, including Dehya, Dori, and Beidou, among others. While the character’s build will impact the weapon’s usefulness, players should consider obtaining it as one of three 4-star claymores with EM as a sub-stat, providing an equippable option for their Genshin Impact characters.

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