How to Solve Soggy Cave Puzzles in Minecraft Dungeons

You can easily complete the Soggy Cave Puzzles in Minecraft Dungeons by following our tips and strategies.

Minecraft Dungeons from the developers of Minecraft is a Dungeon Crawler game. A spin-off to Minecraft that has hack and slash dungeon crawler elements. In Minecraft Dungeons, you have to explore every dungeon to unlock new puzzles and challenges. You also need to fight against bosses to unlock treasure chests. You can use all weapons and armor for fighting against enemies and bosses in Dungeons. Minecraft Dungeons was not as successful as Minecraft, but you can still play the game for its unique features and puzzle-based quests.

The Soggy Cave puzzle is a primary challenge. Once you unlock the soggy cave near the soggy swamp, you will get access to two new different puzzles. Cracking the soggy cave puzzles will allow you to unlock other doors and the obsidian chest with some rewards. Here’s how to complete the secret soggy cave puzzle in Minecraft Dungeons in our guide and walkthrough.

Minecraft Dungeons Soggy Cave Puzzle – Guide and Walkthrough

Before unlocking the puzzle, make your way to the soggy cave zone near the Soggy Swamp. An outdoor area with a couple of doors and find the entrance to the ruin that will help you to unlock the puzzle. There are two puzzles in Soggy Cave. Here’s the walkthrough and guide,

Soggy Cave Puzzle #1

The first secret level puzzle has 2 buttons that will help you to move redstone blocks. The objectives are simple, you just need to transmit and raise every redstone block. Click on the left button to move the first block. Now use the right button to move the following blocks. You need to toggle between the left and right buttons to move the blocks to the middle and lift them up. Doing this continuously will solve this puzzle. Once after moving the middle blocks to one end, the first Redstone puzzle gets completed.

Soggy Cave Puzzle #2 

The second soggy cave puzzle is more difficult than the previous one. In this stage, you will find 4 buttons. Again you need to move and raise the blocks to unlock the path.

One button is automatically raised and you need to keep moving the other buttons in random order to complete this part. The first button will lower the middle block and the next button will move it to the left and also raise the second and fourth blocks. The third will raise all middle blocks and the final one will help you to complete the puzzle.

If you are confused about the combinations, simply swap and touch all buttons in any random order to get access to the path.

Soggy Cave Puzzles Minecraft Dungeons

That’s how you can solve the Soggy Cave Puzzles in Minecraft Dungeons easily. After completing the puzzle unlock the “Obsidian Chest” from the main room entrance and leave the zone. Here’s how to get access to the same,

Soggy Cave is one of the many secret level areas of Minecraft Dungeons.  Visit the soggy swamp, the fourth level secret on the map. Explore all entry points and look for the secondary level entrance. Find a beacon and activate it with a mechanism. Then defeat all mobs and tih will find the soggy cave scroll. Now you will get access to the soggy cave puzzles.

That’s everything you need to know about the soggy cave puzzles in Minecraft Dungeons. Follow these tips to complete the challenge and get new rewards. We will come back with more Minecraft Dungeons updates and guides soon.

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