Langrisser Tier List – All Characters Ranked (March 2023)

Check our latest Tier List guide to know the most powerful characters in Langrisser. We have ranked all the characters in the game!

Langrisser is a mobile-based Japanese RPG from the developers Zlong Games. Tactical Combat, Boss Fights, Competitive Multiplayer Battles, and PvP Battles make Langrisser mobile one of the best gaming series. Langrisser is entering its 4th successful year. The developers rolled out several new updates and Langrisser players will receive new rewards as a part of game’s 4th Anniversary. Langrisser blends Tactical Combat and Gacha elements. You need to pull your favorite SSR character before starting your journey in Langrisser.

The classic turn-based battles are one of the best features of Langrisser. Langrisser happens in a beautiful fantasy anime world with fantastic visuals. Choose your hero with different class elements to enter the battles in Langrisser. Before you play Langrisser, check our Tier List along with all the best characters ranked in the game. You can pick out the best hero for the battles by checking our Langrisser Tier List and Guide.

Langrisser Tier List

Langrisser Tier List

The powerful and dominant heroes in Langrisser are grouped in S and A Tiers respectively. Tier list determines the potential and prowess of every hero in the game. Every character in Langrisser belongs to a different class and owns a unique special skill. The stats and abilities of these characters make them the most powerful heroes in Langrisser. The Tier List orderalso keeps changing often, as some characters level up the table after every upgrade, while some characters get relegated to bottom level Tier List.

Here we will share and rank every character in Langrisser in the latest Tier List. You can use the top-tier characters from our Tier List for all the toughest battles in the game. Here’s Langrisser Tier List with all the characters ranked according to their skills and powers.

S Tier

LeonPhysical DPS Epic Knight
TiarisHealerHealing Light
LianaHealerHoly Sister

A Tier

CheriePhysical DPSWild Princess
LunaPhysical DPSWind Protection
LanaMageArcane Extension
LedinTankKing’s Will
VargasTankUnbreakable Guardian
ShelfanielMageMagic Lineage

B Tier

BozelMageAncient Evil
AltemullerPhysical DPS Supreme Overlord
FreyaTankSorrowful Choice
SonyaPhysical DPS Demon Blood

C Tier

AngelinaPhysical DPS Battle Goddess
SophiaHealerMerciful Heart
Grenier Support Tenacity
EgbertMagical DPS Raging Inferno
LanceTankBattlefield Mastery

D Tier

LesterPhysical DPS Naval Expert
LewinSupport Origins of Light
JessicaMagical DPS Magic Master
ImeldaSupport Queen’s Gauntlet

Top 5 Heroes to Use in Langrisser

Here are the top 5 characters you can use in Langrisser combat.

  • Leon
  • Tiaris
  • Liana
  • Luna
  • Lana

You can use the top-tier heroes for all the toughest challenges in Langrisser. We will be back with more updates about the game as we know more.

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