Shroud announces his own AAA Game – Project Astrid

The popular streamer and ex-CSGO Pro, Shroud, has announced his open world survival game, Project Astrid. Here is everything we know so far.

Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek has officially announced that he is launching a game that would be the biggest project in his career. The name of the game is Peoject Astrid.

The former counter-strike professional has joined hands with Chris Sacriel Ball as the executive creator of the freshly announced AAA open-world survival game. This game is about to be developed by Splash Damage which will use Shroud and Chris’ Expedia test players, streamers, subject matter experts, and community builders and leaders to design the game according to the official announcement.

Project Astrid’s official announcement

Shroud’s Upcoming game Project Astrid

Lance Winter the creative director at Splash Damage has said that no one knows this genre better than Shroud and Scariel, and thus they are the perfect fit to develop this game. Further adding the director also said The team will focus on bringing brand new insights into what fans and creators actually seek from their gaming experiences.

Both of them are the most prominent creators in the gaming industry on the platform Twitch and have been a large part because of their knowledge of shooting games. Shroud is an expert in how a game should feel and joining hands with Sacriel and the Splash Damage team would mean that fans will have high expectations from this project.

Shroud unites with Sacriel for the upcoming AAA game Project Astrid
Shroud unites with Sacriel for the upcoming AAA game Project Astrid

Shroud has only made an announcement that they will be working on this new project with the respective parties and no further information has been given about this project. The official date of release for the game has not been made as of now and Judging from the fact that it has just been announced it won’t be released any time soon. Splash Damage has also revealed That the game is currently in pre-production and no additional detail or footage has been revealed.

This is everything to know about the upcoming game Project Astrid of Shroud and Sacriel till now. We will keep you posted with more updates as it has been revealed.

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