Sons of the Forest Guide – 10 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Here’s our Sons of the Forest Guide with the 10 best tips and tricks to survive against dangerous enemies and bosses

Sons of the Forest is a survival horror thriller from the team of Endnight Games Ltd. Here your role as a survivor is to find a missing billionaire on a remote island. You will explore a dark fantasy location and you will be trapped by hordes of cannibals. An open-world survival adventure that you can also play with your friends. Fight against all dark demons and return home after completing your missions. Complete every challenge and get new resources.

Use resources to craft items, weapons, and food. Overall, a haunting experience is what you can expect in this massive horror adventure game. As a beginner, you might find it hard to progress in the game. Check our Sons of the Forest guide with some easy tips, tricks, and strategies to kickstart your adventure in the game.

Sons of the Forest Guide  

Here are the best tips to play Sons of the Forest as a beginner.

Know Every Location

Sons of the Forest is a roller coaster adventure and knowing all locations is an important thing before exploring them. Knowing each location will also help you to fight against enemies for all missions in the game. You will travel across many dark locations like forests, caves, dungeons, and rivers. Knowing all locations before commencing your mission is one of the best tricks to survive in Sons of the Forest.

Maintain a good bond with Katarina

Katarina or otherwise called the three leg lady will spawn in the initial stages of the game. You need not attack or kill her, this will also help you to maintain a good bond with the mutant lady as she can be your companion for some challenging quests in the game. The three leg and three armed Katarina is a powerful mutant and can help you survive. Killing Katarina will only get you in more trouble.

GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker is an amazing feature in Sons of the Forest. After launching the game, you can simply tap on the button “M” on your keyboard. The GPS tracker helps you to find every location on the map and you can easily track the most challenging locations in the game using GPS. Using a GPS tracker is the best strategy to travel across every location in Sons of the Forest.

Complete Tasks

As a beginner, you need to complete basic challenges in the main campaign mode in the game. Complete daily tasks and quests to get rewards and resources. You will be able to upgrade your power and stats with these rewards. Never miss out on any challenge in the game. Complete all tasks to get more resources and items to satisfy your hunger and thirst.

Sons of the Forest guide
Sons of the Forest Gameplay


The Tent is not only about resting and restoring health. Tent in Sons of the Forest is essential for saving your game’s progress. As the game doesn’t have a feature to save your progress, you need to make a tent in random areas to save your progress in the game. You can also rest for some time after completing missions in a tent.

Game Modes

You can only go with one mode in Sons of the Forest. If you choose to go with Single-player, then you can’t change it after selecting. Likewise, after selecting multiplayer mode, you can switch to Single-player mode.

3D Printer

A 3D printer is one of the best items that will help you to craft various items in the game. Find 3D printers in green points and underground locations which will help you to print and craft Flask, Printed Arrows, Tech Mesh, Sled, Grappling Hook, and Red Mask. Equip 3D printers to suffice your basic needs for missions. This is vital for completing challenging missions of the game.


Armor is one of the best defensive equipment in Sons of the Forest. Find and equip armor that will go well with weapons and explosives like grenades to kill enemies without much difficulty. There are many types of armor and you can choose the best armor that holds high defensive stats. Golden and Creepy are the best armor to equip.

Use Best Weapons

Weapons are your best companions for completing missions in Sons of the Forest. Gun, Katana, Bow, and  Explosives are types of weapons that you can choose. Every weapon has different stats and skills. One can attack faster, one will deal massive damage, and one can deal melee damage. Choosing the best weapons is an important thing before exploring locations for missions in the game.

Sons of the Forest Gameplay
Sons of the Forest Gameplay

Lose and Learn

A survival thriller game is always a challenging task. You have to explore the vast and open-world locations where vulnerable demons and enemies keep spawning. Know every location, build your base, and use the best weapons. Kelvin and Katarina are your best companions in main story missions. Seek their help to progress in the game. Even if you are killed, you can come back and fight again. These are the essential tricks and tips to survive against the mighty monsters in forests and other islands on the map of Sons of the Forest.

With this, our Sons of the Forest guide with the best tips and tricks is done. Follow these tips to survive and play the game easily. We will come back with more Sons of the Forest updates and guides soon.

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