Top 5 Survival Games for Android

Here are the top 5 survival games for Android that you can play for some highly engaging and entertaining gameplay.

Survival games are always intriguing and challenging. Survival horror, Survival thriller, and Zombie survival are the most popular survival genres. Every year, tons of survival games are getting launched and it’s very hard to find a list of successful survival games. Even with massive hype, some games become fantastic flops. Survival games for Android are rare and come out only once in a while. To those who are looking for the best survival games to play on Android, here are the best and top 5 survival thriller games for Android to play in 2023.

Best Survival Games for Android

Here are the top 5 survival thriller games that you can play on Android.

Dawn of Zombies

Dawn of Zombies is a scary survival thriller game for Android that will be a spine chilling experience. An online simulator from the team of Royal ArK where your only goal is to survive the dangerous locations in the dusk to see the dawn. The storyline takes place in a post-apocalyptic zombie world. You have to kill enemies and zombies to survive the gloomy situation. You have to fight for survival, hunger, and peace, and kill the mutants and zombies to make yourselves free from diseases.

Craft resources and build a shelter for yourself in the underground. You will get free energy from food. Choose your character and complete all tasks and explore every location to wipe away the Zombies. You have plenty of vehicles to choose from to survive and travel in this murky world. The game has realistic graphics, scary visuals, an intimidating background score, and dark locations. Visit the abandoned forests, gloomy wastelands, and ruins, and fight against the wild animals and other creatures. Use the best weapons to hunt down every zombie. Right from Pistol to AK, more than 50 weapons are available in your inventory. Dawn of Zombies will soon launch multiplayer survival and PvP game modes.

You can also co-op PvP quests and MMO raids from the makers. Overall, with more than a crore downloads, Dawn of Zombies is a breathtaking survival adventure that you can play on Android.

Ocean Survival

Ocean Survival from the team of Candy Mobile is a survival adventure game. You are trapped in the ocean on a boat. Find ways to return to the shore. Your ship will be in the sea after a storm. You are the only one who is tripped in mid of the sea. Manage your thirst and hunger. Craft resources and equip weapons in nearby places. You need to survive in a lifeboat and expand it to overcome sea invaders.

You can find resources from underground and use them to build a shelter. Tons of recipes are available and satisfying your hunger won’t be an issue. Travel across a beautiful ocean landscape and defeat all sea enemies. Upgrade your territory and boat, survive amid sea enemies, and expand your boat with rewards. Overall, Ocean Survival will be a scintillating survival thriller experience and you can play the game on both Android and iOS.

Last Island of Survival

Last Island of Survival from the developers of HK Hero Entertainment is a scary survival game that takes place in an open world. Travel across the zombie world and complete missions and small quests. The post-apocalyptic island is infested with zombies. Explore the wild locations to satisfy your hunger and dehydration. Visit the zombie islands and ruins, kill all zombies, and complete PvP battles. Be the lone survivor in this survival island full of zombies and find a way to survive in the last days of civilization. Craft resources and armor, use weapons and kill all enemies to complete PvP quests.

You can also loot resources after killing zombies and enemies. Last Island of Survival is another epic survival game for Android.

Let’s Survive 

Let’s Survive from the makers of Treastone Limited is a survival simulation game. Plenty of locations are available on the map to explore. An offline survival game where your role as a survivor is to defeat and shoot enemies. Overcome the zombie invasion and loot resources and items. Complete boss fights and kill all types of zombies and mutants. Find shelter, and equip new weapons to upgrade your powers. Avoid getting damaged as it will kill you. You need to be tentative of these dangerous zombies as you will be infected by diseases. Maintain your health, hunger, and energy levels to progress faster. Unlock new quests and join a fraction to protect your troops.

Let’s Survive is also an action RPG and you can call on your pets to help you during battles and quests.

Let's Survive Gameplay Survival Games Android
Let’s Survive Gameplay

The Wild Darkness

The Wild Darkness is a Roguelike survival thriller game from the team of PoPeyed. An out and out action survival RPG where you need to explore and travel across various Dungeons to discover unknown secrets and stories. Travel through the forest and dungeons to fight against monsters. Use spells to deceive the sorcerers. Craft resources, and find food and water by completing quests. Don’t get killed, or else your progress will begin from the start. Complete all main campaign stories to unlock a new set of challenges. Progress faster to get powerful weapons and explosives.

You can use weapons and spells to inflict high damage on enemies. Overall,  The Wild Darkness is a dark survival thriller to play on Android.

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