Who are the mysterious users of One For All in MHA?

Are you also wondering who are the mysterious MHA One For All users? Some of them have arrived in the Anime and here is everything about them.

We all know that there were previous users for the One For All quirk in My Hero Academia. It was passed down to heroes for the better of the world. All Might has passed it to Deku and now he holds the quirk. However, recently, Deku is able to see the past users of One For All.

Two of One for All’s most mysterious past users have just been revealed to anime viewers of My Hero Academia. Who are they, and why won’t they talk to Deku? There have been eight instances in which One for All has changed hands. The souls of the previous users of One for All still reside within it. This explains why Deku had the opportunity to meet with them in episode 18. Let’s learn more about the MHA One For All users below in this article.

One For All Users
One For All Users

Who are the Mysterious MHA One For All Users? 

The past MHA One For All users has all been introduced at this point. At least their quirks have been shown. Recently, Deku exhibited the quirk of Nana Shimura. He is the Seventh MHA One for All user. Deku also got the quirk of Hikage Shinomori, the Fourth user. Both spend a great deal of time talking to Deku.

Previously, he had shown the Black whip quirk of the Fifth, Daigoro Banjo. One for All itself was the Quirk of the first user, whereas All Might was quirkless and added nothing new. Therefore, three previous users are unaccounted for: the Sixth, who spoke, as well as the Second and Third, who did not.

The Second and Third MHA One For All Users 

As one might have surmised at this point, the Second and Third users of One for All are the two men shown facing the wall in the sequence, refusing to look at Deku. Those with spiky red hair is the second user, while the other has grey hair pulled back into a flared ponytail. Their refusal to acknowledge Deku suggests that he lacks their respect, thus preventing him from accessing their quirks.

However, this is unlikely to be the case for the Sixth user, who, although shy, spoke up and attended the meeting. The Second and Third users were revolutionaries against All for One back when Quirks were introduced and were originally sent to kill his younger brother, the First, when they discovered him imprisoned and weakened.

Upon rescuing the First user, his rescuers used One for All to fight All for One. When the Second died in battle, he then handed it on to the Third, unknowingly passing along his own Quirk with it. While it is unclear what circumstances the Third passed on his Quirk, it is likely that he also did so in battle as well.

The two previous One for All users refused to talk to Deku
The two previous One for All users refused to talk to Deku


According to the discussion that takes place with the previous users of One for All, they may not like the stance Deku has taken towards Shigaraki since they feel Shigaraki would be better off dead. Deku will need to figure out exactly what he’s done that is causing the Second and Third users to reject him so much.

In the face of the sheer destruction Shigaraki caused after awakening with All for One’s power, it’s difficult to argue this point. Because Deku is unlikely to change his position, his best option is to show his resolve to ensure their respect.

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