Who is Shaka in One Piece? Everything We Know So Far

Wondering who is Shaka in One Piece. Here is everything to know about Vegapunk 01.

With the official release of one piece chapter 1065, we have been officially introduced to one of the 6 Vegapunks. Fans have discovered the emotions that each Vega Punk Is associated with.

Vegapunks represent the physical aspects of existence instead of psychological ones dad handles the faculty do this for all the other Vegapunks. Many one-piece fans are confused about who the Vegapunks are and why they are associated with specific emotional facts of life.

Vegapunks in One Piece
Vegapunks in One Piece

Doctor Vega punk is the leading scientist off SSG and Is employed with the Marine. He discovers the secrets and uses of Seastone, the Secret of how devil fruit power works, the coolest cover of the lineage factory and its application, and the creation of the Pacifista seraphim. He decides on egghead but his laboratory is also present. Before working for the World Government he was the director of an outlaw scientific research known as MADS. This scientific research team got arrested and Vegapunks got associated with the Marines as the head scientist. This was until Vega punk got off on the wrong foot with the world government yet again when the world government dispatched CPO in an attempt to kill him.

Vegapunks were teased in the previous chapter by Rob Lucci discussing how all 6 are part of Vegapunkswith his satellites to the straw hatch during the egghead arc. Out of all of these sexual doubts the most confusing one among the fans is the Shaka so let’s have a look at who is shaka in One Piece.

Who is Shaka in One Piece?

one piece shaka
Shaka in One Piece

Shaka is also known as Punk 01 and it’s one of the 6 satellites of Dr. Vega Punk. He is an average-sized man standing at about the same height as Sanji. Heis the good face of the Vegapunks.

You can identify him with his head that is covered by a future stick metal helmet bearing the number 01 on the helmet. He wears a dark coat with light-colored patterns and in the jacket at the bottom Mega punk 01 is written at the bottom and caution is written on the left sleeve.

Talking about Shaka’s personality as mentioned about he is the good satellite of the Vega Punks. Based on the context and storyline we have got so far he seems to be the leader of the group. Shaka is most probably the most Steady body of VegaPunk as was mentioned previously in several chapters. He is shown to be the most level-headed of the group and is kind to the Straw Hats treating them well. He also prevented 2 separate attacks on them from Vega Punk Lilith and the Jinme Seraphim. This was another sign that he is the good face of the Vegapunks.

During Lilith’s Confrontation with the straw hat pirates, shaka was portrayed as someone who was extremely observant of the crew’s behavior and abilities. He quickly conveyed all of his noted-down tips about the Straw Hat pirates to Lilith. However, shaka does not support the idea of looting and troubling others as it’s against his ideologies, and is a determined scientist who works for people’s good instead of causing trouble for people.

Shaka is a genius scientist with highly advanced technology under his belt. Shaka seems to be able to share senses with other satellites allowing them to know what was going on with Lilith while she was in the sea.

His analytical skills are a blessing In any combat situation as he has the ability to prevent Lilith from attacking the Straw Hats by pointing out the crew’s capabilities and strategic mindset.

This is everything to know about shaka in one piece. Before anything else here is a fun fact shaka comes from the Japanese name for Gautama Buddha the historical Buddha. As we know Gupta is known fun his peaceful idealogies even Shaka exhibits similar traits and is true to his nature.

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