Pokemon Unite Tier List – March 2023

Looking to know the best Pokemon in Pokemon Unite? Check our Pokemon Unite Tier List to know the best Pokemon in the game.

The Pokemon series has always attracted all sets of fans. The popularity of Pokemon has grown ever since the Pokemon fictional series and games. Pokemon Unite is one of the highly-rated games from the Pokemon franchise. The game is known for its short and intense battles, and Pokemon Unite is an MMORPG. Pokemon Unite has accumulated over 90 million downloads to date, this is just enough to show the game’s range. Pokemon Unite has battles, and you can play with 4 others in the multiplayer games. The 5v5 battles are fun and Intriguing.

A match doesn’t last more than 10 mins, and the teams who hold more points will emerge victorious in these battles of Pokemon Unite. There is a variety of Pokemon, you can pick your favorite Pokemon which boasts more powers and stats. Pokemon Unite included a new Mechanism named “Unite Moves”, these moves will enhance a Pokemon’s powers and abilities. If you are looking to know the best and most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Unite, here’s our Pokemon Unite Tier list with the top 10 Pokemon to use for the battles.

Pokemon Unite Tier List

S Tier

S Tier Pokemon are the most formidable tanks in Pokemon Unite

DragoniteAllrounder Ranged

A Tier

A Tier Pokemon are the second best units in Pokemon Unite

GengarSpeedster Melee

B Tier

B Tier Pokemon have average skills

AzumarillAllrounder Melee

C Tier

C Tier Pokemon are not good for Battles

Mr. MimeSupporterMelee

D Tier

D Tier Pokemon are weaker and can be ignored


Best Pokemon to Use in Pokémon Unite

Here are the best Pokemon to use in Pokemon Unite,


Hoopa is undoubtedly one of the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Unite. Hoopa, the supporter, loves to attack in ranged zones. Hoopa is strong in Offense and Supporting. Hoopa doesn’t have an evolution form, but the basic attack of Hoopa is extremely good. Astonish and Ranged, his special powers will deal massive damage and the opponents won’t be able to attack for a while in this period. Overall Hoopa is one of the best picks for every battle in Pokemon Unite. No player loves to leave the ranged Pokemon. Hoopa deals special damage and is one of the most powerful DPS units in the game.


Greedent is a top-tier Pokemon, and one of the best defenders in the game going around. Greedent deals physical damage and has the best burst damage and elemental skills. Belch and Tackle are its best moves. And Greedent can provide HP after swallowing a berry. Greedent has high Def and ATK stats and can be used for any team composition in Pokemon Unite.


Pikachu is everyone’s favorite Pokemon in Pokemon Unite. The ranged attacker deals massive damage. Pikachu can attack from any range and is a great AoE unit. Pikachu is a faster unit and has extremely high health which makes it one of the mandatory picks for the battles. Pikachu is your best attacking Pokemon with its electric moves. Overall, Pikachu is a great pick for your battle. Pikachu deals special damage.


Tsareena, the All-rounder in Pokemon Unite is a melee unit that deals physical damage. Tsareena is a single-target troop with heavy HP and protection. Tsareena excels with its stomp and razor leaf moves that will provide the tank with more damage stat. Tsareena is an all-rounder and can be effective in every aspect of the game. Tsareena at its highest level will be a beast-level Pokemon.


Lucario is another all-rounder, the tank has high DMG, mobility, and HP. Lucario moves faster and deals physical damage. Muscle band enhances the troop’s attack stats. Lucario can fit into any team combination of Pokemon Unite. Lucario’s moves are faster and can deal 2x damage. Go with the right moves and combos to get the best results from Lucario.


Dragonite is a top-tier Pokemon and one of the best all-rounders in Pokemon Unite. The ranged tank deals physical damage and unleashes massive damage from all ranges. Dragonite has a low cool down, and this will allow the Pokemon to recover faster after receiving damage. Muscle Band and X Attack will increase Dragonite’s attack by 20%, and Scope Lens again increases the Pokémon’s basic and standard attacks. Dragonite can be another best addition to your teams in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite Tier List
Charizard, Pikachu Mew, Lucario and Zoroark


Delphox, the ranged attacker, is effective in AoE-targeted zones. The fire moves from Delphox will slow down your opponents’ attacks and HP. Delphox has a low cool down. Delphox’s best move Buddy Barrier will allow the Pokemon to survive for a long time. Delphox has more critical Hit and DMG stats. Delphox deals more damage with its special skills, and the performance of the ranged tank gets higher in team battles.


Crustle is a defender. The melee-type Pokemon deals physical damage. Crustle has the ability to stop your enemy’s attacks and can drain their HP with its X-Scissor moves. Use a Potion to maintain the health level, as Crustle is a powerful DPS tank and defensive unit. Crustle is a supporter and can deal massive physical damage. The Shell Smash move allows Crustle to travel faster, and the attacks are hard when this move is activated.


Gengar is a powerful Speedster and top-tier Pokemon. The melee Pokemon is excellent in ranged attacks and the damage burst is higher. Activate the Wise Glasses to level up Gengar’s attacks and damage stats. Unleash any combo moves to deal more damage.

Pokemon Unite Tier List


Dragapult is extremely strong in ranged zones. The ranged Pokemon attacks faster and can inflict severe damage with any special moves. The Unite moves make Dragapult a beast and can attack even faster. Use X Speed moves to get better movement speed and offensive stats. Shadowball moves will increase Dragapult’s attack by 50%, and this time the attacks will be explosive such that no opponent can escape. Phantom Force will provide more stealth and defensive stats, and gives invisibility. Overall, Dragapult is an incredible tank from Pokemon Unite.

With this, our Pokemon Unite Tier list guide and best characters are done. Use these Pokemon for your battles that are mentioned in our Pokemon Unite Tier List. We will come back with more Pokemon Unite guides and updates soon.

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